Innovations in the product area Roller Blinds and Panels

New "small" Roller Blind
This "Small" Roller Blind belongs to the EOS 500 family and complements the Roller Blinds "maxi" in the smaller blind sizes, which is characterized by a functional and filigree design. Due to a very thin chain tensioner and the spring-loaded counter bearing, only very narrow light gaps arise between the carrier and the fabric.

Accu-motor 24V
As of now, the use of a 24 V accu-motor is possible for all Roller Blinds with a 24 V motor. If you order a roller blind with an accu-motor, you will receive a radio remote control, a 1-channel as well as a power supply. This accu-motor is not compatible with Somfy electrical accessories.

Child safety - brakeaway chain connector
As an option the brakeaway chain connector is available. With this system the chain length can be extended up to 60 cm above ground level. A chain tensioner is not necessary. The operating comfort is maintained.


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