New fabric qualities as an extension to the DUETTE/Honeycomb collection

As an addition to the DUETTE®/ Honeycomb collection 2015, two additional fabric qualities are now available.

DUETTE®/ Honeycomb Batiste Sheer is a transparent variant based on the exclusive quality of DUETTE®/ Honeycomb Batiste. For this, we are replacing the "DUETTE®/ Honeycomb Batiste dim out" collection card with a new collection card "DUETTE®/ Honeycomb Batiste dim out, DUETTE®/ Honeycomb Batiste transparent".

DUETTE®/ Honeycomb Fixé Montana is the second new quality. The extraordinary print design creates an interesting living "crush optics" at the window, if the fabric is backlit by daylight. For this purpose, we replace the right-hand fabric page in the collection card "Duette®/ Honeycomb Relife, Duette®/ Honeycomb Linum dim out".

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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