After 6 years of successful running and continuous development of the well-known SOLAN Duoflor double roller blind catalogue 2012, we have now developed and completed the new SOLAN Duoflor double roller blind catalogue 2018.

Based on the previous successful catalog, the tried and tested system of the product division is used again in 4 categories.

This includes seven new collection cards, which show a wide range of patterns and colors, reflecting the latest trends in living areas.

As an addition to the DUETTE/Honeycomb collection 2015, two additional fabric qualities are now available.

In the course of the technical development of the Cosiflor system, a new assembly variant for clamping systems (VS2) is now available.

• new "small" Rollertype
• accu-motor 24V for many Rollertypes
• child safety - brakeaway chain connector